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Client Service - Are you the Best or ... 1 hour, 33 minutes ago
How you can compare your clients service standards against 150 other UK legal firmsThe UK’s leading customer feedback organisation is about to launch the largest ever Client Journey Study in the Legal Sector.  Shopper Anonymous aim to identify 150 firms that would like to receive detailed feedback on their own Client Experience, for FREE.The findings will be p...
Top tips for a successful LBE 2016 - ... 1 hour, 36 minutes ago
The show is over, we all had a wild time, but how can we squeeze every little bit of benefit from the show, even though LBE 2016 is over?Post show PRHopefully you sent pre show PR out, now’s the time to send out some post show PR. If you had a competition, announcing the lucky winner is an obvious piece of post show PR. Once you’ve produced the PR ...
Top tips for a successful LBE 2016 - ... 1 week ago
Nearly 200 exhibitors at LBE 2016 will give a visitor plenty of choice and with so many companies vying for their attention, it’ll be easy for them to forget who they’ve spoken to. What can you do to try and make them remember you and your company?Will visitors remember you?We’ve covered all these items before, but it does no harm to re...
Benefits of Using Mulching Technology 1 week ago
Timber Tree services & Grounds maintenance  We've all heard of companies that offer chemical treatment to provide you with a green and stronger looking lawn. Our opinion is anything that is a chemical process can't be a good thing. However there are solutions out there that can help you. The chemical treatment is where beads of compressed nitrogen or...
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