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I have been a member of Shout for many years now and it has made a big difference to our business, not just in terms of taking on new clients, but perhaps more importantly in making hundreds of new contacts.

The relaxed and informal approach to networking is a key part of the success of the Shout Network and it is up to us, the members, to continue on that basis such that we are able to make genuine referrals based on trust. It is often said that “people buy people” and this is certainly evident in Shout because, once good relationships are formed, the referrals flow naturally.

The Shout Team are always on hand to help with your business and ensure that you get the very best out of what has become a huge network of like-minded businesses in Lancashire. They also do a fantastic job of organising regular joint meetings and social events with each one seemingly bigger and better than the one before.

So, I’m very much looking forward to working with Shout for years to come and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Jonathan, Whitehead & Aldrich

I’ve now been a member for two years and the network has been instrumental in opening new business opportunities for me. It’s a fantastic networking environment and I’ve made some amazing business contacts and as well as some very good friends.

Chris Naylor, Marketing Incentives

Networking? Errrrgh, that sounds horrible. Not enough clients? Hmm, that sounds worse. It was such thoughts that led me to believe that trying networking would be better than not having enough clients, and so my journey to becoming a Shout member started. The first meeting I attended was a busy joint meeting and with all those people there it was a bit intimidating to begin with. Not for long though; I'd hardly started eating my bacon roll when someone came to chat to me. It turned out we'd been in pantomimes together when we were children! It doesn't happen overnight, I'd say it took me 6 months before I began to have serious conversations with people about business, however, 18 months after joining Shout I can honestly say that we're making excellent contacts and picking up clients hand over fist. Not only that, I've made some really good friends too. New business and new friends, what more could you ask for? Shout gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Gareth McDonald, Zebra Colour

SHOUT have been the best network for our business , from when we started our business 5 years ago to our current new developments and rebranding; their network has been a great source of support, help and advice.

Diane Ogden, The Therapy Company

My business has grown tremendously since I joined the Shout network four years ago. I’ve produced numerous websites and designed lots of brochures and other printed material for members of the Shout Network. I’ve also worked with new clients that group members have recommended me to. I can honestly say it is the best networking group I’ve ever been involved in and can thoroughly recommend it to any business in the region.

Chris Taplin, Rethink Design

Shout Network provided business support to Superfast Lancashire by sourcing businesses that would be eligible for the programme, engaging with them and then following up with any that hadn’t seen the programme through. This was achieved through their significant reach to businesses across Lancashire via their meetings, events, newsletters and social media. We can honestly say that Shout Network played a key role in the successful delivery of our programme.

Tony Morgan, Superfast Lancashire

I have now worked with the Shout Network for the past 15 months on business engagement through Boost (the Lancashire Business Growth Hub) and more general growth promotion opportunities. They have delivered a large number of eligible businesses to Boost for business support over this period who have all successfully engaged with us. Shout has helped us to promote and contribute to the wider #growthconversation in Lancashire, and allowed our delivery partners to utilise their network. The reach of the Shout Network has made a valuable contribution to the success of Boost.

Andrew Leeming, Lancashire County Council

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