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On 28th July 2017 the epic 501 miles in 50 day challenge began. The aim is to raise £1,000 to donate to Manchesters Children’s Hospital as part of their Many Hands Campaign.

The Many Hands Campaign is run by Theo Pathits (Drangon's Den fame), and is a ‘competition’ amongst 50 small businesses in Manchester. Each business will raise £1,000 for the hospital.

This year the £50,000 will buy a new state of the art X-Ray machine for the children. The business who has the most inventive way of bringing in their £1,000 will win a business meeting with Theo himself.

So I have gathered together ‘Team Orb’ - Myself, my wife Julie, my 6 year old son Thomas and my 2 sub contractors Rob and Hayden, and between us we will cover 501 miles in 50 days.

So far we have been cycling, running and swimming our way through the miles, but why make it easy? 

As part of the 180 miles already covered my amazing son Thomas has taken part in a 1 mile road race and will take on more challenges like this over the next couple of weeks.

I have run the lakeland 50 Ultra Marathon (50 miles run off-road in the Lake District) and completed a 10 mile run dressed as Humphrey the Bear (the hospital mascot!), believe me, that was harder than the 50 miles in the Lakes! 

To keep updated on the action as it happens, please follow us on Twitter @OrbRopeAccess 

Our final 1 mile will take place on day 50 of this epic challenge where myself, Rob and Haydn will rope climb 1 mile (think the Burj Khalifa, twice, and a little bit more!) 

And so as we continue on our 501 mile journey, Team Orb would be incredibly grateful if you or your business would like to contribute to this amazing charity and as a special ‘Thank you’ I will be able to share with you all the great business tips I pick up from Theo when we win the competition!!!!

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